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Claudia Checchi

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Claudia Checchi

Partner and Energy Observatory's Director

E-mail: c.checchi@mbsconsulting.it

Claudia graduated with a PhD in Economics and Management from the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa in 2003.
Claudia holds the position of Director of the Energy Observatory and is responsible for the research and forecasting relating to the natural gas market.
Her core roles are:

  • heads up the studies and forecasts on the natural gas market
  • coordinates the development of provisional models on the natural gas market
  • coordinates the Observatory Energy publications
  • she is a specialist in market design and incentive design, regulation and public policies, modelling of agents' behaviour and market strategies.
In previous roles within the company, Claudia has managed several projects working in conjunction with institutions, industries and associations. These roles have allowed her to develop an in depth knowledge of the electricity and gas market and its regulations.
Teacher at Catholic University of Milan - Faculty of Economy- Master degree Markets and Business Strategies "Economy of Energy and management of environment assets".
She was CEO of REF-E from 2013 to 2018.