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REF-E constantly updates its databases on energy market structure and costs. They include the following.

Hydroelectric concessions mapping
A unique, complete and up-to-dated, enabling to map and analyse Italian concessions for large water flows diversion for hydroelectric production. The coverage of the database is aboe 95% of the total installed hydroelectric capacity in Italy, REF-E collected and mapped a rich information set for each concession.

All the information publicly available on the electricity market is gathered in one easy reference tool. Continuous maintenance assures completeness, accuracy, integrity and maximum possible granularity, while customisable interfaces assure maximum usability. The data cover the period from 1 January 2009 until the last day available. They are updated daily and are provided for each market area and each individual hour of trading.

Thermal power generation fleet
List of thermal power plants, identification data, technical data, date of entry into service and of decommissioning or stage reached in authorisation procedures, estimated emissions levels, estimated costs (investment, capex and opex) according to the plant technology

Hydro power generation fleet
List of hydro plants classified on the basis of whether they use dams, are run-of-the-river facilities, or are pumped-storage plants, identification data, topology of the valleys, technical specifications, seasonal variation in rainfall obtained from averages over the past 30 years, both in the Alps and in the Apennines

CIP6 power generation fleet
List of "CIP6" incentivised scheme power plants, identification data, commissioning date, start and end date of CIP6 agreements/incentives, technical specifications, annual output. Forecast of hourly generation profile for CIP6 plants aggregated by zone

List of renewable energy powered units (>2MW in size), identification data, technical data, estimate of annual output. Forecast of hourly generation profile for total renewable plants by zone. Forecasts of medium to long-term trends for renewable generation. Wind speed measurements for different locations in Italy. Estimate of typical electricity output profiles for mini-hydro and run-of-the-river plants and for wind farms in different regions of Italy. Estimated investment costs and capex and opex

Transmission grid
Limits on interconnections between zones based on the current zonal market structure and estimates of the impacts of future intervention to strengthen the national transmission grid on the zonal structure of the market

Future scenarios of hourly demand at national and zonal level

M&A activities in Europe
List of mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures involving companies, plants or planned plants concluded by or between companies operating in the natural gas or power industry, located in Europe (inclusive of all EU member states, Switzerland, Norway, Eastern Europe and Balkans countries), Turkey or Russia. The database includes information on the following for each transaction: shareholdings, dimensions of the plant acquired, price paid, main operating and capital figures for the company acquired, technical specifications of the plant and any other useful variables.

Wholesale gas prices
Main references for the gas prices observed in Italy and in some European countries. The database collects data regarding both spot and forward transactions on over-the-counter and organized markets, as well as oil-indexed price formulas and official surveys on the gas prices at some European borders

Gas distribution
The database covers all Italian municipalities with detailed information regarding the active distribution company, the RAB (regulatory asset base), economic, demographic and geographic variables. Moreover each municipality is associated with the corresponding ATEM

Gas import contracts
The database collects data regarding gas import contracts lasting at least one thermal year. Each contract is identified through the identity of the buyer and the seller, the entry point at the Italian border and the average contracted quantity, according to the information provided on the specialised press.

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