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Power generation is our core business. REF-E has been a leading consultant in this sector since it was formed, having played a major role in public debate for many years.

REF-E analyses the power market and dispatch system in order to:

  • evaluate regulatory impacts on market competition and the results of market operators
  • identify risks and opportunities for investors
  • forecast future energy scenario, including all variants
  • settle disputes.

We monitor the electricity market with our Market Observatory for Energy, by analysing interactions between fundamentals, regulation and competitor strategies.

We use in-house modelling tools to generate medium and long-term forecast scenarios that constitute benchmarks for the decision-making and policy-making activities of leading operators in the sector.

The Elfo++ Model, is the leader tool in Italy for power market simulation. It is used by REF-E for research and specialist consulting and by the main operators in the sector to support trading activity, planning and to settle antitrust disputes.

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