Energy Efficiency/District heating networks

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Energy efficiency is a key factor for reducing emissions. Italy with its "white certificates" scheme is at the forefront of energy efficiency improvements through regulatory tools.

REF-E provides its clients with:

  • study and updates on legislation and regulationsi
  • analysis of the impact of energy efficiency on future energy scenarios
  • cost evaluation.

The development of district heating networks is key to the achievement of energy efficiency targets at the EU and national level. In addition to energy savings, district heating brings about significant environmental benefits and it may serve as a means to increase the security of energy systems, in particular electricity systems.

REF-E offers the following services to its clients:

  • investment appraisal on district heating systems, complemented by sensitivity analysis to major drivers of profitability
  • analysis of relevant legislation and regulatory measures for district heating networks, with a focus on available support schemes
  • cost-benefit analysis of district heating systems, also including costs and benefits that are not directly linked with energy efficiency and/or represent “external” costs or benefits: the improvement of air quality, the improvement of security of energy supply - especially electricity - etc.

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