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We have been monitoring developments in Italian and European natural gas markets for over ten years now. REF-E has acquired a strong reputation among operators in the sector for its reliability in the assessment of the impacts of different market and regulatory models on their business and for its support in the renegotiation of long-term contracts, national and international arbitration proceedings, investments plans and strategies.

REF-E carries out in-depth analysis on:

  • demand and supply in the natural gas market
  • infrastructure and regulatory developments
  • changes in the strategies of major companies operating on the natural gas market

We constantly monitor prices, regulated tariffs, volumes and trends on the wholesale markets, through our Market Observatory for Energy, following trends on the main European hubs and their interaction with consumption and production centers throughout the world.

Our in-house developed I-GaMe and EU-GaMe simulate the Italian and European gas markets and provide our clients with medium and long-term scenarios.

REF-E's in-depth understanding of regulation enables it to conduct impact analysis, due diligence investigation and to generate tariff scenarios to support business plans and project financing.

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