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LNG end use supply chain is taking its first steps in Italy. Increasing developments are expected with the new Legislative decree and the LNG national framework, adopted in implementation of Directive 2014/94/EU.

The target sectors are maritime transport, heavy road transport, and off-grid industrial and civil users, representing about 11% of the country's final consumption, which could be largely covered by natural gas through the direct use of LNG.

However, the spread of LNG end-use requires overcoming the infrastructural gap in the first link of the distribution chain, with possible operations at existing terminals and the creation of an intermediate coastal storage network.

LNG end use Observatory aims to support players and policy makers promoting dissemination of knowledge, and the analysis:

  • of the market trends and infrastructure development
  • of the impact of legislation and regulatory acts
  • of competitiveness in the target sectors and infrastructure projects

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  • Isola dell’Energia – International Conference on GNL combustibile per la Sardegna e il Mediterraneo , Cagliari 17-18 November 2016
  • Alternative Fuels Conferences, BolognaFiere 26-28 May 2016
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