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REF-E has been monitoring changes in energy and climate policy in Europe and Italy for over ten years. It provides fundamental support to investors who operate in a constantly changing political and regulatory framework through REF-E pubblications and studies.

  • REF-E modelling tools enable it to support clients to evaluate investments in energy infrastructure on the basis of current and future energy policies.
  • REF-E analysis can be used to support strategic marketing decisions both in liberalised wholesale markets and in regulated market segments.
  • Multi-client projects provide in-depth analysis of market design and regulatory impacts and support for discussions between industry and institutions.

Since 2012 REF-E has joined a consortium qualified by the European Commission – DG Energy, regarding a framework agreement (Multiple Framework Service MOVE/ENER/SRD.1/409-2012 Lot 2) for the provision of economic studies in order to support the preparation of the European Union policies and legislative proposals on the energy markets analysis, supply security, role of conventional and non-conventional fossil sources, sustainable and efficient production, grids and smartgrids.

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