E-Innovation Committee


E-Innovation Committee

Backcasting from a sustainable energy future

E-Innovation Committee is the think-tank which looks to the future of energy markets. It is born to investigate key topics of the energy transition, to analyse the sustainability of investments in innovative technologies by means of case studies, to contextualise technological options in different productive sectors, and to support its partner companies along the challenging path of opportunities offered by the energy transition and climate change. Decarbonisation and economic recovery policies, together with new European funds, represent the context to start from.

E-Innovation Committee has a distinctive approach: starting from why we need to achieve the economic transition in the long term, it investigates how to sustain the optimal investment choices, without being limited to what should be experimented in the short run.

2021-2022 activities provide a path based on the analytic approach which is our distinctive feature, as well as the interaction between organisers, market stakeholders and key institutions. The scientific and technical contribution given by the synergies between REF-E, consulting firm specialised in energy markets, Public Affairs Advisors, consulting firm in institutional relations, and the legal firm Herbert Smith Freehill will be the core of activities, supported by a team of experts, the experience of firms and partner associations as well as the proactive dialogue with key stakeholders of the transition. We will examine in depth sustainable investment solutions to achieve the energy transition in its three dimensions: decarbonisation, sustainability, security.

Timeline 2021-2022

  • Kick-off meeting “Decarbonisation as opportunity for growth”, 17 june 2021
  • 1° Focus group “Renewables and storage”, 24 september 2021
  • 2° Focus group “Unbundling”, october 2021
  • 3° Focus group “Hydrogen”, december 2021
  • 4° Focus group “Distributed generation”, february 2022
  • 5° Focus group “Industrial transformation and circular economy”, april 2022
  • 6° Focus group “Decarbonisation enabling factors”, june 2022
  • 7° Focus group “The evolution of the electricity market”, september 2022
  • 8° Focus group “Unbundling”, november 2022
  • Final meeting, december 2022

E-Innovation Committee evolves from the positive experience of the PPA Committee, expertise and study centre which has spread the culture and best practices of Renewable PPA in Italy.

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