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December 21, 2012 - Energia Verde 2012 published

The Report is devoted to the analysis of the state and perspectives for the penetration of energy from renewable sources, in the electricity and in the heating-cooling sectors. The report collects data, information and considerations on the evolution of legislation, both at the national and EU level, as well as on trends for the renewable energy sector and respective markets. Go to Publications and Downloads page

December 21, 2012 - Newsletter Osservatorio Energia n. 161

Published new Issue. Go to Publications and Downloads page.</p

December 5, 2012 - Magi Index December value

December value of MAGI index is 28.2353 €/MWh, The index, sponsored by REF-E, TFS e Alba Soluzioni, is based on PSV confirmed transactions (70%) and on a market-wide survey (30%). (Download the graph). For more information

December 5, 2012 - Natural Gas Outlook n. 6

Published new Issue. Go to Publications and Downloads page.

December 4, 2012 - December 2012 ITEC12 e ITEC/REF-E indices

ITEC12 December final value is 67.25 €/MWh. Download the Press Release. ITEC/REF-E December final value is 84.04 €/MWh and ITECccgt/REF-E final value is 96.09 €/MWh. Download the Press Release.