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August 2, 2012 - ITEC12 e ITEC/REF-E august 2012

August values of ITEC12/REF-E e ITEC/REF-E are now available. The final values of ITEC12/REF-E and ITEC/REF-E are respectively 68.37 euro/MWh and 86.65 euro/MWh.
Download the ITEC12/REF-E Press release and ITEC/REF-E Press release

August 2, 2012 - MAGI Index August value

The value of MAGI gas index for August is 26.1464 euro/MWh. MAGI index, published for the first time this month, has been developed by REF-E, TFS and Alba Soluzioni. The moth ahead gas index is calculated as weighted average of month ahead PSV confirmed transactions (weight 70%) and the average of market-wide survey (weight 30%). For further information