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We provide a wide range of products and services

Through the integration of multidisciplinary skills in economics, econometrics, engineering and statistics we develop in-house forecasting models for the energy sector, for both forecasting and risk analysis purposes:

  • Elfo++, the leading model for simulation of the power generation market and wholesale price forecasts
  • Elfo++ Europe is the advanced version of ELFO++ designed to simulate the European market coupling on different time horizons (short, medium and long term)
  • CAST (CApacity Strategig Tool), a simulation model for the forecast of the capacity price
  • BEST (Best Energy Storage Tool), a model for the simulation of the optimal dispatching of a storage (possibly coupled to a renewable plant) on all the relevant market sessions
  • STEP (Short Term Electricity Price), an econometric model for short term forecasts of electricity prices
  • IDEM (electricity and natural gas DEMand), a forecasting model for national and local electricity demand
  • I-GaMe (Italian Gas Market Simulator), is the tool specifically designed by REF-E in order to simulate and forecast the italian gas wholesale market, PSV
  • EU-GaMe (European Gas Market Simulator), is the REF-E in-house proprietary structural model which provides clients with analysis and forecasts of European and regional gas market flows and prices throughout Europe
  • GASP (natural GAS Price), an econometric model for forecasting natural gas prices in Italy
  • CO2 (demand and supply forecast), a forecasting model for CO2 prices and supply and demand scenarios
  • GreeT (Green Tariffs), a model for generating green scenarios: growth in supply by source, plant location, returns, compliance with international objectives

Our models are:

  • used for in-house research activity and specialist consulting services
  • supplied by means of end user license agreements to operators who may use them autonomously for support in trading and planning activities.

We constantly updates the input database and carries out maintenance to correct and develop the software, to transform forecasting models into efficient and highly customised tools.

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