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Now, with the go-ahead from the European Commission, the capacity market could constitute a turning point, after a long deadlock.

The first auctions are expected to be held by the second quarter of 2017, with delivery taking place as early as the second half of the year.

The objective of the CAST model is to support operators participating in Italian capacity market auctions, when the bid strategies are defined and the opportunities and risks connected with the mechanism are assessed.

The CAST model enables operators to:

  • simulate capacity market auctions
    • by simulating the capacity supply and demand curve
    • by estimating the balance at the outcome of the auction
  • estimate the potential effects on other market phases
  • discuss the expected risks based on appropriate assumptions about key variables.

The advantages of the CAST model are:

  • its user-friendliness and immediacy
  • the stability guaranteed by the Elfo++ structural model and the REF-E database
  • the reliability it offers in preparing the auction bid strategy and assessing the opportunities and risks associated with participation.

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