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Over the years REF-E has provided support to major national and international companies, such as API, Tirreno Power, ExxonMobil and others, particularly in renewable energy sector, with their investment decisions.

REF-E uses these forecasts to assess investment risks and opportunities in the power and gas sectors and in new technologies for renewable power and heat generation. Forecasts and scenarios are key words on energy markets:

  • electricity prices forecasts
  • green certificate price forecasts
  • forecasts of changes in incentive schemes for renewables
  • gas and fuel price forecasts
  • forecasts of allowed revenues in regulated businesses

REF-E develops scenarios as follows:

  • market structure and regulatory framework scenarios as key factors for assessing investment opportunities both in regulated and free market environments
  • short and medium-term scenarios are designed to support the supply policy decisions of companies, in view of regulatory impacts and short-term trends in fundamentals
  • long-term scenarios to provide technical and operating assessments of power generation and infrastructure development projects. These consider risks attaching to changes in the sector and provide a fundamental input in the preparation of business plan and investment decisions.

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