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Elfo Model
Elfo++ (ELectricity FOrecasting), developed in-house by REF-E, is the leading model in Italy for simulation of the power market and dispatching and for wholesale price forecasts. Elfo++ model is currently used by all major companies in the industry (Edison, Iren, Erg, Acea, Enel, Hera and others) and is a key tool for REF-E forecasts.

Elfo++ simulates the day-ahead power market to generate short, medium and long-term price forecasts (Download the brochure).

Its main features are as follows:

  • variable time horizon: week, month, year, several year
  • complex electric system that can be extended to the European dimension
  • can be adapted for international markets
  • modelling for bidding strategies by market players
  • interface based on database with advanced functions
  • robust algorithms
  • fast processing times
  • tools for post processing of results

Elfo Web App
Fast Easy and Handy

A fast, easy and handy web application for Elfo++ that offers companies simplified access to data processing, forecasts displaying and downloading.

A new interface for free simulations and customized scenarios will be available soon.

Elfo++ Web App is a new forecasting tool perfect for occasional, but anyway reliable, accurate and qualified, access.

Elfo Europe
Elfo++ Europe is the advanced version of Elfo++ designed to simulate the European market coupling on different time horizons (short, medium and long term).

Due to the “interior point” optimization method implemented the new calculation engine of ELFO++ Europe is able to:

  • model the European electricity interconnected system with no theoretical limits on the size of the fleet and of the network represented
  • model the ramping constraints of single thermal generation units
  • nonetheless the complexity of the underlying system, solve the optimization problem with very efficient run times

The new input database maintains the same structure and format of ELFO++. The perimeter of European markets covered in the currently available version of ELFO++ Europe comprises the Central South area of continental Europe and includes Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Belgium. The model consists of 19 market zones (11 Italian zones and 8 for each of the other European states considered) connected through 23 equivalent lines, around 700 thermal power plants, 60 equivalent hydro generators and more than 120 equivalent generators for the rest of the energy sources (nuclear, renewable, small thermal and net import from the adjacent areas).

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Elfo Tool

Discover the new Elfo++ tools for a wider and even more user-friendly processing of results:

  • Elfo++ Sensitivity to easily perform price sensitivity analysis with respect to demand, fuel prices and other key drivers (Download the brochure).
  • EPTP to assess the optimal strategies to maximize the profits of a price taker company (Download the brochure).
  • Elfo++ Short term for simulation of the short term market scenario
  • Elfo++ Webapp is the web application for Elfo++ that offers to new clients an easy and improved access to the scenario analysis tools

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