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An annual report which provides in-depth information on trends and outlooks for the electricity and natural gas sectors, through an analysis of the regulatory framework and market structure in Italy and Europe. It contains medium term market scenarios.

Energia Verde 2015(Italian version)

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Decarbonising the EU economy is a long term process. However, in the short term it requires setting the targets clearly, as well as establishing and enhancing promotion policies, and re-designing the energy system and the rule that govern energy markets. The first milestone is 2020. The Energia Verde report focuses on interim results as of 2014, on promotion measures already in place and being implemented, and on current and future costs of decarbonisation. It also looks at longer term commitments under discussion at the global level. Key to decarbonisation are renewable energy sources and technologies, efficient distributed generation technologies, technologies that help saving energy in buildings and industrial processes, especially those that will allow market players on the demand side to actively participate in energy markets and to benefit from the related opportunities.

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