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REF-E monitors the evolution, market penetration, and competitiveness of heating and cooling technologies, with a focus on those market segments that offer the highest potential for increasing energy efficiency and the consumption of renewable energy, namely residential and tertiary. The above-mentioned activities are key for understanding and forecasting changes in the technology and energy mix in the two segments and in the economy in general.

One of the key monitoring projects is the annual survey on installation of heating and cooling plants and appliances in the residential sector, which REF-E performs on a national scale.

The survey’s main goals are as follows:

  • To assess the size of the market for heating and cooling technologies, both in terms of stocks of plants and in terms of fuel consumption
  • To analyze substitution and switching trends among commercially available heating and cooling systems, both at the national level and at the regional level
  • To estimate changes in the energy mix, as a consequence of changes in the technology mix.

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