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REF-E organises training courses for operators and companies on the issues of energy markets, tailoring them to the needs of our clients, from the training of new recruits to the specialisation and update of top management.

The newer courses have covered topics such as:

Other programmes can be prepared to respond to specific needs.

In general, REF-E courses can follow two different formulas, company and inter-company.

In the company version:

  • The classroom includes one or more groups of colleagues from the same company
  • The programme is highly customisable
  • The calendar is arranged directly

In the inter-company version:

  • The classroom includes one or more groups of participants from different companies
  • The programme is standardised
  • The calendar is proposed by REF-E based on the definition of the classrooms

Location: REF-E offices in Milan (for companies, on demand, at the client's offices)

Language: Italian (or English on request)

For more information download the brochure and contact us